How To Prepare For New Well Construction

Posted on: 13 December 2022


Adding a well to your property increases its value and provides several other benefits — for example, safe water. 

A well-drilling process can be daunting. Hence, it is advisable to prepare to ensure it is seamless.

Here is how to prepare for your new well.

Apply for a Permit

You will require a permit before hiring well-drilling services to construct your well. It protects you from equipment mishaps and environmental hazards associated with the project. Some states will need a permit for water testing and purification as well. Also, each state's regulations differ from the others because of differences in demand and ecology.

The permit will allow you to drill, plug, reconstruct, and repair the well. Therefore, visit your local department of environmental conservation and health department to apply for a new well. Note that they may need detailed information on the site plan and well location.

The permitting process may be overwhelming. But working with a licensed, well-drilling service will give you an edge since the experts will guide you through it.

Choose Location

Location is a crucial detail when it comes to well-drilling. Hence, you should understand the proper well placement and scout your water table to determine if your property can accommodate the new well. The last thing you want is to find the ideal well site but have it just beneath your newly built patio.

If you are installing a new well, remember to drill it away from anything that will contaminate the water. Ensure the drillers place it on high or well-drained ground and at an appropriate distance from;

  • Septic systems
  • Areas prone to ponding or flooding
  • Livestock barns
  • Areas with salt intrusion
  • In a storage building or garage

If you intend to use the well water for farming, lawn watering, or your swimming pool, you will need more water output from your well. Therefore, the well has to be at the right place and depth to provide enough volume of water for your needs.

Poor water drainage and land features (steep slopes) may hamper the drilling and pumping of the well.

Find an Experienced and Licensed Professional

A well drilling service needs expertise gained through experience, like any professional service. You can search for a reputable company online or consult friends for recommendations.

You should also extend your search to the department of ecology for a list of licensed well-drilling services in your area. A reputable well-drilling company will have the required certifications and provide detailed information about their site requirements and drilling operations.

To learn more, contact a well drilling service in your area.