What Are The Benefits Of Installing Wired Landscape Lighting In Your Yard Instead Of Choosing Solar?

Posted on: 30 August 2022


If you need more lighting in your yard, you may have considered installing solar landscape lights. These are easy to install since you can just drive them into the ground around walkways and garden beds. They're powered by the sun, so they don't need to be connected to electrical wires. Unfortunately, solar lights have a number of downsides that make them less effective compared to installing wired landscape lighting that's powered by the electricity in your home. To learn why installing wired landscape lighting is typically the better option to light up your yard, read on.

More Reliable

One of the biggest benefits of wired landscape lighting is that it will continue working regardless of weather conditions. Solar landscape lighting collects energy from the sun throughout the day and stores it in a battery. When the sun goes down and it's no longer receiving any more energy, it turns on and uses the battery to produce light. The light will turn off when the battery runs out of charge.

If your solar landscape lighting is shaded by fences, trees, or clouds, then it won't be able to store very much energy during the day. It also won't be able to store as much energy during the winter when the angle of the sun is lower. The battery will run out of charge more quickly, and you may be left without light during the night when you need it. With wired landscape lighting, you never have to worry about this—it will continue working as long as it's receiving electricity from your home.


Another benefit of wired landscape lighting is that it's able to produce more light. Wired landscape lighting can draw as much energy as it needs from your home's electricity in order to fully power its light bulb. The brightness of solar lights is affected by the amount of charge remaining in the battery. They will start becoming dimmer as they run out of charge, which can make it harder to see outdoors late at night.

Wired landscape lighting produces a consistent amount of light, making it better for seeing outside—this is very useful if you're adding landscape lighting for home security since you'll always be able to fully illuminate your yard during the night.

Doesn't Use Much Electricity

Some homeowners choose to install solar lighting because it won't affect their energy bills. Solar lighting's main benefit is that it's easier to install since you don't have to connect it to your home's electricity. You won't save very much money by using solar lights instead of wired ones, since wired landscape lighting uses LED bulbs that consume very little power. Wired landscape lighting is very efficient, and its effect on your home's energy bills will be negligible.

Ultimately, wired landscape lighting is better for illuminating your yard since it's more reliable and produces more light. You'll be able to better light up paths and show off your home's landscaping and exterior. If you want to brighten up your yard, skip the solar lights and call a landscape lighting installation service in your area to have wired lights put in—they won't consume much electricity, and you'll have light whenever you need it.

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