Signs That Indicate Your Sod Is In Need Of Replacement

Posted on: 13 July 2022


If you have had sod placed upon your property, you likely enjoy the pristine appearance and lush blades of grass it provides. At times, the sod's appearance becomes unfavorable. This indicates it is time for a replacement of the rolls to improve your lawn's appearance. Here are signs to alert you it is time for new sod installation.

The Sod Is Primarily Just Soil

If your sod layer does not have green grass blades present, or if they are discolored, sparse, or missing their root layer, it is better to make a replacement for the marred areas rather than trying to revive them. Sod without substantial grass growth may be lacking in valuable nutrients that continuously aid in keeping the blades of grass alive. The grass blades that are still present may be dry, brown, shriveled, or short. They are unlikely to bounce back with the application of fertilizers if the sod was unhealthy to begin with. If your sod layer has areas where dirt is the only material present, remove the damaged rolls and replace them with new ones with the required nutrients to keep your lawn looking its absolute best.

Fungus Is Present Within The Sod

If the top layer of your lawn has fungus growth within it, it can be caused by poor sod and excessive moisture retention. A fungus may appear as an orange growth throughout the blades of grass or small mushrooms that pop up intermittently. Keep an eye on the sod layer for several days to see if the fungus goes away on its own. If it spreads or discoloration does not improve, it is best to contact a sod provider to make a purchase of new rolls to replace the ones that are not up to par.

Weeds Are Growing Within Your Lawn

Sod is infused with weed-killing agents at the time it is manufactured. If you notice weeds sprouting up within your sod layer, it either did not receive enough of the agent to battle growth or it has an extreme moisture problem that allows for weeds to grow without difficulty. If you spray the sod to kill weeds, you are likely to cause the blades of grass to become compromised. Instead of taking the chance of adding chemicals to your soil and surrounding air, forego the spraying process altogether and contact a service that provides quality sod to order replacement rolls.

Contact a professional for more information about sod replacement