Outdoor Gas Grill Insert Types

Posted on: 16 May 2022


Adding a gas grill insert to your outdoor patio area can make outdoor cooking and entertaining a delight. There are a few options when it comes to insert types, so make sure to choose the one that most fits your cooking habits.

Open Grills

The simplest grill insert available is an open-top grill. This insert is little more than a pit to hold the flames with a grill above it. Although inexpensive, it doesn't cook as quickly or as evenly as a closed grill because heat is constantly being lost. You must also tend the grill at all times when it is in use since the open top can pose a safety hazard.

Closed Grills

The more common style is a closed grill insert. These have a removable cover, most often hinged, that can come down over the food as it cooks so that you still have the option of cooking on an open or closed grill. This allows you to trap heat, which speeds cooking and ensures that food heats more evenly throughout. It also can trap steam and smoke, which helps retain moisture in your food while creating a more robust flavor. Further, being able to cover the food helps contain flames, which can reduce the chances of accidental burns and other hazards.


A rotisserie is a spit on which you can place meat or vegetables for slow cooking. The rotisserie rotates,(either manually or with the aid of an automatic motor) so that all sides of the item you are cooking are exposed to the heat to cook evenly. The rotisserie allows excess fat in the meat to drip away, resulting in a beautifully crisp exterior and a juicy interior. Rotisseries are available as additions to your standard gas insert, allowing for more versatile use of the grill.

Leveled Cooking

Another addition to consider for your grill is leveled grilling surfaces. Typically these consist of the main bottom cooking grate along with an upper grate, which is half the width of the bottom grate. These leveled grates extend the amount of space you have to grill without the requirement of putting in a larger insert. Further, the upper grate is further from the heat so food cooks more slowly and is less prone to charring. This works wonderfully for grilling vegetables alongside meat.

Burners & Griddles

A gas burner alongside the traditional grilling surface can be quite useful when it comes to outdoor cooking. If you need to cook something in a pot to go along with your grilled meal, then having the burner alongside instead of having to do some of the cooking in the kitchen can be a real benefit. You can also purchase inserts with included griddle plates, which allow you to cook items that would fall through the grill, such as eggs or small vegetables, alongside your grilling food.

Contact a gas grill insert dealer to learn additional info about the available options.