5 Reasons To Install Lawn Sprinklers This Summer

Posted on: 26 April 2022


If you are tired of watering by hand or struggling with hoses, it may be time to consider an automatic sprinkler installation. There are a few reasons why this can be the best option for your irrigation needs.

1. Reduce Waste

Water conservation is a hot topic in more and more regions as drought becomes more common. For this reason, many localities now limit the amount of water per household that can be used for lawn irrigation. A properly installed and programmed sprinkler system uses much less water than hand watering, in part because you can time the irrigation to take place at hours where the evaporative loss of water is minimized.

2. Save Money

Saving money on your water bill goes hand in hand with reduced water waste. With a programmed sprinkler system, you can ensure that the lawn receives only the water it needs since you won't have to remember to move a hose or turn off a faucet. In areas that levy fines for over usage of water, this ability can save you a lot of money over the summer months.

3. Reduce Weeds

Weeds tend to invade lawns that have patchy grass or grass weakened by lack of water. Unlike lawn grasses, many weeds have very deep tap roots that allow them to grow well even if the soil is dry. If you keep the grass lush and thick, in part by providing sufficient irrigation, many weeds won't be able to invade the lawn because the healthy grass will crowd out any seedlings that try to germinate. 

4. Avoid Worry

Summer isn't just the peak time for regular lawn care, it's also the time when many households decide to travel and spend time away from home. If you depend upon hand watering, your lawn can suffer when you are gone and aren't there to water it. Calling in favors from neighbors still leaves you with the worry that they will forget to water when it's needed. You can eliminate these concerns with programmable automatic sprinklers that will continue to water on schedule even when you are away.

5. Increase Value

A lush lawn improves the curb appeal, and thus the value, of your home. If your goal is to sell your home eventually, the convenience of a sprinkler system along with this improved curb appeal can greatly increase the value of your home to the potential buyers that are considering it. 

Contact a sprinkler system installation service if you are ready to automate your lawn's irrigation.