Do You Have A Slope In Your Yard? Use A Retaining Wall To Prevent Damage To Your Lawn

Posted on: 28 January 2022


If you have a slope in your yard water will pool on your lawn which can cause damage over time. One thing you can do to help with this problem is to install a retaining wall. Below is information about how this is installed and then what you can do with the wall to make it look great in your yard.

Installing a Retaining Wall

You should hire a professional to install the retaining wall for you if you have no experience doing this. Stackable concrete blocks are generally used to design a retaining wall. This is because these blocks are strong and durable. Once installed, the installer can make the front of each block look different than concrete. For example, they can make it look like aged masonry or hand-hewn stone. 

The installer will first determine where to install the retaining wall and then mark the area with wooden stakes. The next step is to dig a trench to put the first level of concrete blocks in. The trench is deep enough for part of the concrete blocks to be in the dirt to keep them secure. They will then start to stack the blocks and use a level as they go to ensure they stay straight. 

After the retaining wall is built the professional will then install a drainage pipe to divert water to another area, which may be the street, another area of your yard, etc. Topper blocks are placed on the top of the retaining wall with concrete adhesive. 

A landscape company can install a retaining wall for you and can give you much more information about the installation process. 

Decorate a Retaining Wall

You can decorate a retaining wall in many ways which can add to your landscaping. First, you can plant cascading plants at the top of the wall so the plants cascade down. This could be plants only or plants that have flowers. 

You can also plant climbing vines at the bottom of the wall that will climb up to the top. If you choose to do this first attach a trellis to the retaining wall using masonry screws. This will make it much easier for the plants to climb up. Choose ivy or there are climbing roses that can make the retaining wall look very pretty. Choose a trellis that you like because during the winter the vines and/or roses will die. 

You could also plant flowers at the bottom of the retaining wall or hang decorations from it using masonry screws. Ask the installer if you can paint the concrete blocks and what type of paint you should use. 

A retaining wall can look beautiful in your landscaping if you follow these tips.  

For more information on retaining walls, contact a company like Rock Solid Services LLC.