Landscape Design: 4 Drainage Solutions A Landscaper Can Offer For Your Backyard

Posted on: 2 August 2023


When designing your landscape, it's critical to factor in drainage. It can be challenging to design a suitable drainage solution for your backyard. However, a professional landscaper can help. The professional will assess your yard's unique characteristics and advise you on what type of drainage solution will most effectively solve your water issues.

For instance, a landscaper can recommend installing drainage pipes, grading the soil properly, or adding berms around your yard. 

A well-drained yard can keep your lawns, plants, and gardens healthy and vibrant. Here are four drainage solutions that a landscape designer can offer to help you improve the drainage in your backyard:

French Drain

A French drain system consists of a trench filled with gravel or rock that channels water away from areas prone to flooding. The system is easy to install and maintain, effectively solving many drainage problems. 

Your landscaper can design a custom French drain system that works best for your backyard and recommend the best materials for optimal drainage.

Dry Well

A dry well is an underground storage container filled with gravel or other material. It collects water from nearby drainage systems and helps absorb excess rainwater from your yard. The system can be especially useful in flooding or standing water areas.

Your landscaper can assess your topography and design a suitable dry well solution for your backyard to help drain excess water.

Grade Modification

Grade modification is changing the elevation of certain areas in your backyard, such as low points or depressions, by adding soil or other material. It moves water from areas prone to water buildup and is an affordable solution for many drainage issues. 

Your landscaper can recommend the best grade modification plan for your yard and help ensure excess water is drained correctly.

Rain Gardens

Rain gardens are shallow depressions, planted with native plants, that help to absorb and filter rainwater. The solution is low-maintenance and recommended for areas prone to frequent or heavy rains. Your landscaper can design a custom rain garden that works best for your backyard and recommend the best plants for optimal drainage.

A professional landscaper can provide the right advice and help you choose suitable drainage solutions. An experienced landscaper can design an effective drainage system that meets your needs and ensures your yard is well-drained all year round. Call your local landscaping services company today to discuss the best drainage options for your backyard.