4 Reasons To Switch To An Artificial Turf Lawn

Posted on: 16 May 2023


Modern synthetic turf has come a long way, and most types are nearly impossible to tell apart from natural grass. There are a few reasons why an artificial turf lawn may be the right choice for your home's yard.

1. Drought Concerns

Living in an area where drought and water restrictions are common may be one of the best reasons to consider artificial lawn turf. A natural lawn requires a lot of water to remain green and lush, which isn't the wisest course of action in a dry climate. Artificial turf benefits from being lightly hosed off to remove dust upon occasion, but it will never use the amount of water that a grass lawn uses.

2. Lack of Sunlight

Lawns that receive heavy shade, either due to nearby structures or lots of trees, tend to produce nothing but weeds and sparse grass growth. This often requires more maintenance, from fertilizing to over-seeding, to maintain any semblance of a yard, Since artificial turf doesn't require sunlight or any other inputs to look its best, it will add the look of a lush green lawn to any area of the yard, no matter what the sun exposure is like.

3. Drainage Issues

Low-lying yards can end up waterlogged, a condition that leads to dead grass and swampy conditions. Instead of fighting drainage issues, you can fix them with the help of artificial turf. Your installed can put in a system of perforated drainage pipes beneath a gravel drainage bed, which is designed to route excess water away from your yard and to the nearest storm drain. The artificial turf is installed over the top of the drainage system. Artificial lawn grass is preferred as it doesn't have roots to clog up the installed drainage system.

4. Heavy Wear Concerns

For families with children or pets, a grass lawn can suffer due to heavy use. Kids and pets can wear a pathway in the grass along the tracks they most often take when playing in the yard. Dogs may dig up the lawn, and kids can wear ruts in the lawn around play sets and swings. Artificial turf doesn't wear down like natural grass, no matter how heavily it's played upon. Further, it's easy to clean up messes left behind -- simply pick up the solids and then rinse the spot thoroughly with the garden hose.

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