3 Valuable Features Of Advanced Sprinkler Systems For Your Landscape

Posted on: 10 February 2023


When you are working with a landscape company to make your property look its best, one thing that may be recommended is a sprinkler system. Even though a lot of property owners don't consider installing an irrigation system until after they have their landscape in place, having a system installed in the process can be much more efficient. And, today's sprinkler systems are designed to bring even more value to your property and you as the property owner. As you work with the landscape company to pin down the details of what your irrigation system should be, be sure to consider a few of these valuable features. 

1. Smart Functions With Wi-Fi Connectivity for Precise Watering Requirements

If you have certain types of plants in your landscape, they can have very precise watering needs. For example, some ornamental plants may fare best when they are only watered after the sun goes down. Likewise, some trees and types of grass thrive best when they are watered at certain times of the day. If your sprinkler system has smart functions like section control with a connected app, you can easily control how much water is distributed where and at what time. For example, if you have a section of plants that do need to be watered after dark, you can simply get on your phone, access the app for control, and turn the water on for that section. 

2. Rain-Sensing Capabilities to Prevent Over-Watering of Grass

Some modern sprinkler systems are capable of "knowing" when rain is expected due to weather-sensing integrations. These systems usually connect to Wi-Fi and are designed to coincide with whatever the weather is supposed to do in your geographic location. For example, if the weather says you have rain coming in your area, the sprinkler system will not turn on automatically at its pre-set time. This prevents unnecessary water usage but also protects your lawn and plants from being overwatered. 

3. Water-Efficiency Functions to Preserve Water  

If you live in an area that continually faces water-conservation guidelines or water-usage restrictions, advanced sprinkler systems can easily be adjusted to use as little water as possible. For example, some systems are designed to offer widespread lawn and plant coverage with very little water by delivering the needed moisture beneath the soil's surface. This gets the water straight to plant roots without waste or risks of water evaporation before it is used by the plants in your landscape.  

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