Spring Lawn Care Basics

Posted on: 13 April 2022


The arrival of warmer temperatures indicates that it's time for lawn preparation. If you work with a local lawn care service, you will find that this is the time when they come to start getting your lawn ready for the growing season. Understanding early-season lawn care treatments can help you to better understand the cost and the amount of time they spend on your yard. Here are some things to know.

Knowing When To Start

One thing you will notice is that your lawn care service will be particular about when they start your spring treatment. It is important to wait for the ground to fully thaw and dry out as much as possible before treating it at all so that you don't kill the grass by walking on it when it is still frozen or oversaturated. This gives the grass a chance to strengthen a bit after the dormancy period. 

Clearing Out Old Debris

For starters, your lawn care service will begin with thoroughly raking your lawn once it's dry enough and strong enough to walk on. Taking removed any leaves, thatch,  and other debris that can hinder healthy grass growth. 

Getting Air To The Soil

Once the lawn is raked, your lawn care service may also aerate the soil in your yard.  This allows oxygen to get into the soil, thereby also getting to the roots. 

Along with this aeration usually comes patch seeding and fertilizer.  If you have areas where the grass is damaged or thin, they will spread seed to help fill it in. They may also mix that seed with a fertilizer treatment designed to nourish the lawn. 

Timing That First Mow

The first mow of the season can be a tough one to time.  You don't want to do it too soon and shock grass that is still trying to come back, but you don't want to wait too long and then have an out-of-control mess, either. 

Leave it to your lawn care company.  They will know when it's best to start cutting your grass. They will also be able to determine how short they can safely cut without leaving your lawn at risk of burning or weed takeover.

With the right care and treatment early in the season, your lawn can thrive. Talk with a local lawn care service today for more guidance and advice. They can help you get started.