Have A Large Lawn? Use A Lawn Edger When You Finish Mowing

Posted on: 9 December 2021


If you have a large lawn that you must mow you likely have a lot of grass at the edge when you finish. You may have grass near gravel, around a mailbox, or around sand. It can be difficult for a lawnmower to cut this grass. Leaving the grass there can make your yard look unkempt. To take care of this problem you should use a lawn edger. Below are different types of lawn edgers you can choose from.

Manual Lawn Edger

There are manual lawn edgers available, which have a rolling wheel with attached spikes. People like manual edgers because they are easy to use and you do not have to worry about charging them up or making sure they have gas. Manual lawn edgers are durable and hold up for a long time. There are not a lot of parts you have to worry about breaking down and there is not a lot of maintenance with a manual lawn edger. A manual lawn edger is also convenient as you can use it anytime and they do not take up a lot of space in your garage or shed. You won't have to worry about if you have electricity available or enough gas. One big reason why people purchase this type is it is much less expensive when compared to other types. 

Gas Lawn Edgers

Gas lawn edgers are powerful as the engines are generally powerful. They do come in different sizes, however, with the largest being the most powerful. These edgers are heavy but not too heavy that you can't lift them onto the back of your truck or trailer.  If you are eco-friendly, purchase a gas lawn edger that is four cycles, as they will run much cleaner when compared to a two-cycle lawn edger. If you purchase a lawn edger attachment you can interchange from a hedge trimmer, pruner, cultivator, blower, and a trimmer.  A gas lawn edger is best if you have a large yard to mow and have a lot of edges your mower can't get to. These lawn edgers are durable but you should know they can be noisy. 

Electric Lawn Edger

An electric lawn edger is another type available. You can purchase these as corded or ones that run on battery.  These lawn edgers are lightweight and smaller when compared to a gas lawn edger. This is because the edger does not have a gas tank attached to it.  Make sure if you choose a corded electric lawn edger you have a place to plug it in without having to use a lot of extension cords as they can get tangled easily.  With a battery-powered lawn edger, you have to ensure the battery is fully charged or it may wear down while edging, which can make the edger not as powerful. 

Talk with a company that sells lawn edgers and lawn edger attachments to learn much more about them.

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