How To Care For Your Lawn Through Fall

Posted on: 25 October 2021


Caring for a lawn in the summer is pretty simple. You keep it watered, and you mow it once a week or so. When fall comes around, though, lawns get a little more demanding. Fall weather doesn't suit grass quite as well, and additional encumbrances like fallen leaves also start appearing. So, how do you care for a lawn in the fall? Here are some key guidelines.

Rake more often

Some people like to let all of the leaves fall off the trees before they rake. This may seem like it's minimizing labor, but it may actually create more work in the long term since it causes your lawn to suffer. The fallen leaves can prevent your grass from receiving the sunlight and carbon dioxide it needs to keep growing. So, raking up the leaves more often is a better choice for your lawn. Try to rake once a week or as soon as you start to see leaves building up.

Don't stop mowing

Grass grows a lot more slowly in the fall. But this does not mean you should stop mowing it. If the grass grows too long, it may trap too much moisture against the lower parts of the grass blades. This can make fungal growth more likely, and it can also invite insects into your yard. You can cut back your mowing to once every two weeks if desired. Even if you only trim a tiny bit off the top each time, the mowing will keep your lawn in better health.

Consider aeration

You may want to have a lawn care service come aerate your lawn in the fall. You don't necessarily have to do this every year — once every two or three years is enough, although annual aeration certainly won't hurt. Aeration basically involves punching lots of tiny holes in the lawn. Lawn care services do this with a big, roller-like piece of equipment. This allows water to get down to the roots better, and it also increases the amount of air that the roots can take in. When spring comes, your grass may "come back to life" faster because the lawn has been aerated. 

Fall is not the time to stop caring for your lawn. It's the time to put a little more effort into that care so you can keep enjoying nice, green grass all year long. Follow the tips above, and have fun. Reach out to a company like Topeka's Affordable Lawn Care LLC to get more tips.