5 Ways To Reclaim The Space Taken Up By Backyard Slopes

Posted on: 7 October 2021


Does your yard have an awkward slope taking up valuable backyard real estate? While some homeowners can level that slope, many are stuck with it for various reasons. If this includes you, here are a few ways to reclaim that space as a useful part of your yard. 

1. Create a Terrace

Terracing involves cutting levels into the slope and adding retaining walls to keep everything nicely in place. From the top of the retaining wall back is a newly-level spot. Large slopes could result in level areas big enough to place a table and chairs for a new entertainment zone. Small slopes allow flat areas for vegetable, herb, or flower gardens. 

2. Add Stairs

Stairs — either a natural set of stone or wood stairs or a formal arrangement, depending on your yard — add visual interest to the slope and make it usable. The stairs might go all the way up or down if the slope levels out into another part of the yard. Or you could make the stairs the destination by winding them up, through, and back down the slope. Plant the slope and add statuary or art to make an interesting space. 

3. Build a Water Feature

Embrace the power of gravity by adding water to the sloped area. A simple weekend landscape project might be to create a dry riverbed that fills up naturally when it rains. Smaller slopes could support running water powered down a stream by using pumps that recirculate it. Or, cut into the hillside in a way similar to terracing and build up a faux rock waterfall that will add vibrancy to your yard. 

4. Make It a Destination

Does your slope feature a good view of the yard or the surrounding area? If so, make it a central part of your entertainment or lounge space by adding hardscape features. A fire pit and chair set is a simple way to get people to go up the slope and enjoy that section of the yard. Depending on the space available, you could turn this spot into a bar, a lounge, or a romantic getaway for two.

5. Cut It Off

Finally, recoup your flat area by cutting into the slope and replacing the lower portion with a larger retaining wall. Retaining walls hold back the dirt, allowing you to shorten the slope and turn much of it into flat ground. Then, you can do whatever you want with this useful space. 

Want to know more about reclaiming the space currently taken up by an unusable slope? Start by consulting with an experienced landscape designer in your area today. A company like Estate Landscape can provide further information. The effort to maximize your yard will pay for a lifetime.