Three Reasons To Have Fruit Trees On Your Property

Posted on: 3 December 2020


If you're planning to hire a local landscaper with the goal of tackling a project or two that will improve the look of your yard, think about having this professional plant some trees for you. Even in a small yard, one or more trees can have a positive visual impact. Before you move forward, you'll want to think about what type of trees you want. Your climate will influence which trees can thrive, but one option to consider is a couple of fruit trees. There are many different fruit trees that can be appealing, including those that grow apples, pears, cherries, plums, and more. Here are three reasons to have fruit trees on your property as part of your landscaping.

They Provide A Convenient Sweet Treat

The biggest reason to have fruit trees on your property is unquestionably the value that they provide in making fruit available to you and your family. The idea of being able to walk into your backyard and pick a bowl of apples to make a pie, or to simply enjoy grabbing and eating a pear before you sit on the deck to read a book can be immensely appealing. If you have children or grandchildren, they'll likely be excited about this possibility, too.

They Offer Plenty Of Shade

Another benefit of having fruit trees on your property is that their thick foliage during the growing season provides a valuable source of shade in your yard. Your landscaper can talk to you about fruit trees for your area that offer the most shade. If shade is something that you value, this type of tree can be an asset. Shade can make it more pleasant to sit and relax in the yard on a hot day, as well as give your children a safe place to play when it's sunny.

They Help The Bee Population

Many people are concerned about the disappearance of bees, given the critical role that they play in the pollination of plants. You might feel an obligation to help this situation. Planting fruit trees can be an asset for the local bee population, given that these trees flower prior to the growth of their fruit and that flowers will attract bees. It can feel good to know that a landscaping choice that you're making for your yard will have a significant positive impact on the pollination of other plants throughout your area. In addition to planting fruit trees, your local landscaper can also help you to decide which trees to plant and where in your yard they'll thrive.