Fun Ways To Incorporate Masonry Into Your Landscaping Design

Posted on: 15 October 2020


When you think of masonry, you might first imagine brick walls and brick chimneys. However, there are some other unique and fun ways to incorporate masonry into your landscaping. Discover a few ideas below, and talk to your landscaping company about the ideas you like best.

Build stairs into the hillside.

One fun way to use masonry is to have a stairway built into a hill in your yard. The stairs themselves can be made from brick, or they could be made from stone and you can simply use bricks to line the edge of the stairway. Masonry is a good choice for this project because the bricks and mortar will be strong enough to hold up against the soil to either side of the stairs. The stairway will easily become the focal point of your yard, and you can decorate it with some potted plants for a nice touch.

Create table legs.

If you dine outside a lot, consider having a permanent table installed. You can have your landscaping company create four legs out of masonry. They will be strong and sturdy enough for you to have a slab of granite set on top. The granite shouldn't budge in the wind or a storm since it is so heavy, and you won't have to haul a table out of the garage every time you want to dine outdoors.

Make a fire pit with seating.

What could be better than a fire in the backyard? You can have a masonry expert create a circle out of masonry to hold the fire itself. They can also build some brick seats into the surrounding area so that you always have somewhere to sit when you have a fire. You could even pair this with the masonry table leg idea above for the ultimate backyard hangout spot.

Create raised barriers along a walkway.

It's nice to visually separate your walkways from the surrounding land. You could have your masonry company line them with a few layers of bricks. The barrier will keep grass from growing into your walkways, and the bricks will still have the sort-of natural look that you probably want for an outdoor walkway.

There are so many ways to incorporate a little masonry into your landscape design. Use the ideas above as a starting point or for inspiration, and don't be afraid to think outside the box a little, too.