Five Reasons to Hire Residential Lot Clearing

Posted on: 17 June 2020


If you have a vacant lot you are trying to sell, you may think you don't need to maintain it. This simply isn't the case. Lot clearing can be complete, which is when all vegetation is removed, or it can be targeted so that some healthy vegetation remains. The following are five major reasons you may want to clear your residential lot today.

1. Increase Real Estate Appeal

A lot covered in dead grass, weak trees, and garbage isn't very appealing to possible buyers. Bringing in a company to remove most of the dead plants and garbage can help possible buyers better envision their own property on the lot. This is especially true if the overgrown vegetation is blocking the view or another major selling point of the property.

2. Greater Safety

An empty lot that is very overgrown can be a safety and a liability hazard. Overgrown vegetation can hide human activity that could lead to fires or vandalism. Natural events, like lightning storms, are also more likely to result in a fire or damage if the lot is overgrown. Empty lots can also be tempting to neighborhood kids, but hidden dangers could exist on the lot that lead to injury.

3. Discourage Trespassing

It's not uncommon for squatters to move onto vacant lots, especially in urban areas, to set up temporary camps. In rural areas, poachers and similar folks may trespass on uncleared land. It's much easier for these activities to go unnoticed if the lot is badly overgrown and provides plenty of places to hide. Lot clearing can solve this problem and make the land less enticing to those that have no business being there.

4. Better Neighbor Relations

In dense residential neighborhoods an empty lot can be an eyesore that impacts property values. To ensure good relations with those that live on the borders of your lot, consider clearing out dead and overgrown vegetation, along with garbage, so that the lot is more attractive. Doing so can increase the value of your neighbor's homes, which in turn will increase the value of your lot.

5. Prevent Disease & Pests

Overgrown lots also invite problem wildlife into residential areas, such as raccoons, skunks, and coyotes. Insect and disease pests can also run rampant through a lot and spread to your neighbor's landscape plants. By clearing out all the vegetation, or at least all put a few healthy trees or shrubs, you reduce the pest issues on your lot.

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