Summer Lawncare Guide To Keep Your Turf Green Through Droughts And Water Restrictions

Posted on: 15 May 2020


The hot summer weather often means that droughts are on their way, and water restrictions will be coming with them. Therefore, you want to do the right lawn maintenance now and during the droughts to ensure your turf stays green. The following summer lawn care guide will help you keep your turf green through summer droughts and water restrictions:

Make Sure That You Get An Early Start On The Lawn Care Maintenance Before The Real Heat Arrives

The weather may have already started getting warmer, but it is going to continue to get hotter. Therefore, you will want to get started with the lawncare early to ensure you do not have problems with the turf when there are droughts and water restrictions. Some of the early maintenance that needs to be done includes:

  • Aerating the lawn
  • Fertilizing
  • Dethatching
  • Patching dead spots
  • Seeding

These are some of the tasks that you will want to get an early start on to ensure your grass is healthy when the summer droughts arrive.

Aerate Your Lawn and Apply a Slow Release Fertilizer Treatment That Helps The Turf Retain Moisture

Aerating your lawn is a great way to begin the maintenance that needs to be done in preparations for the summer droughts. This will allow water and nutrients to reach the roots of grass where they are needed, as well as allow the turf to breathe. In addition, after you aerate your lawn, you will also want to add a slow-release fertilizer that has a component to help your turf retain water during droughts.

Overseeding Your Lawn With a More Drought-Tolerant Species To Help Prevent Dying Turf

Overseeding your lawn is another task that you will want to do when in preparation for summer droughts and water restrictions. This can help the turf to develop healthy young grass sprouts that keep it green. When you overseed your lawn in preparation for summer droughts, you will want to use more drought-tolerant species.

Water Your Lawn At The Right Times To Get More From Watering and Cut The Grass The Right Height and At The Time

You will also want to water your lawn at the right times to ensure you get the most from valuable water that will evaporate during the hottest hours of the day. In addition, you will want to talk to your lawn care services about cutting the grass at optimal times and at optimal heights to ensure the turf thrives and stays green throughout the summer months.

This summer lawn care guide will help you keep your turf green through the droughts and water restrictions. If you need help with lawn maintenance to ensure your turf makes it through the next summer drought, contact a lawn care service to start taking care of your grass now.

For more information about lawn care services, reach out to a professional.