What Happens During A Tree Removal Procedure

Posted on: 24 March 2020


If you have a large tree on your property and you need it to be removed, then you should be prepared for what the process involves. Oftentimes you might need to contact an emergency tree service company and have them come and deal with a damaged or dead tree without much notice. These 24/7 tree services are available to come to your property at a moment's notice and take down your tree. Here is what these companies will do once they arrive.

The Tree Limbs Will Be Pruned

The first thing that the tree removal experts will do is to climb the tree and prune the limbs. Even if the entire tree is to be cut down, the limbs are going to be trimmed. The reason that the limbs are trimmed is to make the process more manageable. If the tree was cut down with all of the limbs on it, it would be too cumbersome to handle. So, the tree removal expert will climb the tree and prune off all of the large limbs and leave the trunk standing.

The Trunk Will Be Cut In Sections

The next step is for the tree trunk to be cut down in sections. Unless your tree is in the middle of a large field, the safest way to cut a tree trunk is piece by piece. This is because felling a large tree requires a large area of empty space. So, the tree climber will use a small chainsaw to cut small sections of the tree trunk and let it fall to the ground. You might have seen movies with lumberjacks cutting large trees at the base and letting them fall, but most homeowners will not have the property required for this method. So, your tree will be cut in small, manageable sections.

The Logs and Limbs Will Be Split and Chipped

The tree service will often arrive with a large truck that will process the tree branches into wood chips. Some homeowners request that they keep these wood chips, whereas others will want the tree company to haul them away. The logs will also be hauled away unless you want to keep them on hand for firewood.

The Stump Will Be Ground Down

Finally, the tree stump will be ground down so that they don't present a hazard in your yard. If you leave the stump, not only will it look unattractive, but you or your guests might trip over it. The tree removal service will come with a large mechanical stump grinder that they will use.