Love Your Outdoor Room? 4 Increasing Steps To Make It Comfortable

Posted on: 28 December 2018


Outdoor rooms are big in spring and summer, but what about the harsher fall and winter months? How can you create something that will be useful all year long? Here are 4 steps to accomplish it, no matter how harsh or mild your winters are.

Cover the Space

No matter what your winter looks like, covering the outdoor space is a good place to begin. If you have rain and snow, a solid roof protects the outdoor room. If you simply have frigid temperatures, match a roof with outdoor heaters to help keep the warmer air inside where the guests are. 

Add Warmth

Next on your winter "to do" list should be to add heat. Heat for outdoor living can come in a variety of ways. A fire pit, fire table, or fire bowl adds a little radiant heat and provides a centerpiece for the room. It's easy and inexpensive. Want something a little more serious and permanent? Try an outdoor fireplace. Modern fireplaces can take up as little or as much space as you have available, even coming in a two-sided form perfect for large entertainment areas. You can also use artificial heaters set up around the entertainment area. These are mobile and easy to use. 

Enclose the Space

Need a little more than a roof in order to protect you from the elements? Then look into enclosing the outdoor room, at least part time. If you don't need the added protection all year long, install a three-season room with removable windows. This type of room is relatively inexpensive, with little insulation or HVAC needs. Include removable windows that can be replaced with screens for the summer or fall. If you need more enclosure for longer, consider a four-season room that features better insulation and more permanent windows. 

Tie in Outdoors and Indoors

Once you've enclosed the room, you can make it more useful by essentially turning it into a sunroom or conservatory — and therefore really making it a part of the living space of the home. A conservatory has solid walls and windows and may feature either an opaque or clear roof. It is often tied into the home's heating or ventilation so that it's comfortable all the time. This type of outdoor room has the most climate control of all types, and is perfect for those who live where there are harsh summers and wild winters.

What type of environmental control works best in your environment? Whatever you choose, taking the time to make your outdoor room more comfortable will help you enjoy your entire property all year long — in any temperature. For more information, contact local professionals like those found at Bear Claw Landscaping, Inc.