3 Reasons To Use Natural Stone Pavers

Posted on: 14 March 2018


If you are looking into creating a driveway and/or walkway for your home, you should consider using natural stone pavers. While these aren't as popular as asphalt or cement, they have a lot of awesome features that make them a great choice. Here are three reasons to use natural stone pavers. 

Easy To Install

One excellent reason to go with natural stone pavers is the fact that they are so easy to install. When you decide to go with concrete or asphalt, you likely can't install these yourself without a great deal of time, experience, and additional resources. This means that you will have to pay for labor costs on top of the regular costs for the concrete or asphalt, which can get quite expensive. In contrast, natural stone pavers can be put down by hand, one by one, so it is next to impossible to mess them up. You just want to make sure you have a level foundation beneath them, and use a mortar type of mixture to hold the pavers in place. 

More Variety

When you use natural stones to create your driveway, walkway, or some other area on your property, you have a great deal of variety. You can choose whatever type of natural stone you like the best, and you can mix different stones together to create your ideal driveway or walkway. This provides a variety of colors and styles even among the same type of stones, simply because of natural color variation. You also have the option to cut the stones however you'd like, or you can keep them looking more natural and have the pieces kept in a classic stone shape. In terms of the overall shape of your driveway or walkway, you can essentially go with any shape the the stones can come together to create. 


Stone is formed outside, so it does an excellent job of naturally withstanding the elements. With the help of a finish, the stones can resist even more and last even longer. When it comes to your driveway and walkways, you want them to be created from materials that not only look great and function how you need them to, but will last and endure constant use. Stone provides all of these things for you. 

Using natural stone pavers for your driveway and/or sidewalks is an excellent idea because they are easy to install, you can get more variety than you can with cement or asphalt, and they are very durable.