3 Winter Landscaping Tips To Add Color To Your Winter Wonderlands

Posted on: 16 December 2017


As the cold weather sets in and trees begin to look bare as the last leaves fall, you are thinking about what can be done to give your landscaping color for the winter months. There are some things that you may want to consider, such as using a combination of evergreen plants that give your landscaping color while everything else is dormant and dead-looking. Here are some tips to add color to your landscaping for a beautiful winter wonderland:

1. Evergreen Shrubs and Trees for Green Pallets

There are many evergreen plants that make great choices for winter color in your landscaping. Some typical choices include tall trees like hemlock. There are also some species of trees that are smaller and shrub-like. Visit your local nursery and look for different varieties and shades of color. You may also want to consider ground covers that are great for covering areas that are difficult to get plants to grow, such as on the slopes of hills.

2. Adding Color with The Right Fall and Winter Plants

In addition to evergreen you will also want to consider plants that bloom or are full of color during the winter and fall months. Some of the best choices for early fall include pansies, winter jasmine, sweet pea, winter honeysuckle and violets. Choose a variety of plants that will bloom at different types to have continuous colors. You may also want to accent the flowers with different colors of ivy, but you will have to care for ivy to keep it from taking over your landscaping, especially during the spring and summer months.

3. Using Artificial Structures and Hardscaping for Added Winter Color

There are also many different options for artificial colors in your landscaping, which can be done with structures and hardscaping. Choose synthetic stone to add natural earth-tone colors to your landscaping. For wood structures, consider using different colors of stain that will help to add colors to your landscaping. You may also want to consider adding water features, such as a koi pond with fish that will be active beneath the surface of the water throughout the year. These areas can also be a great place for ferns and winter ivy to add color to your landscaping.

These are some tips that will help you add the color you want for a beautiful winter wonderland. If you are ready for these winter improvements, contact a retaining wall service and talk with them about a solution using synthetic and natural stone to add color to your winter landscaping. 

For more information on retaining wall installation, contact a local builder.