Are You Prepping Your Yard For Playing With Your Newly Adopted Child? Three Lawn Care Safety Tips

Posted on: 29 November 2017


Now that the adoption is all official, you can't wait to enjoy those lovely outdoor days playing with your kid on a bright, green lawn. In fact, you may have even found yourself eagerly setting up play equipment over the past few weeks and thinking about ways to transform your landscape into the perfect playground. While this is an exciting occasion, you should also use this time to kid-proof your current lawn and garden routine. As you prepare to bring your new child home, use these tips to make sure that your lawn care strategies are designed to keep your child safe.

Never Let Small Children Operate a Lawn Mower

Although mowing the lawn was once considered a rite of passage for kids, more is known today about the dangers associated with allowing kids to operate heavy lawn equipment. The age at which it is safe for your child to mow can vary according to the physical and emotional maturity, but a good general rule is to wait until they are in their teens. As your child grows, consider giving them safer ways to help such as pulling weeds as you work together in the garden.

Keep Lawn Chemicals Out of Reach

By now, you have likely already stored your cleaning supplies in an inaccessible cabinet and locked up your medicines. However, many parents forget that their lawn care chemicals are often just as dangerous as the things that are used inside the home. Identify hazardous lawn chemicals such as fertilizer and pesticides, and find a safe location to store them such as a shed or high shelf in the garage. You may also find it helpful to notify the lawn maintenance crew so that they can use kid-safe strategies when they work on your landscape.

Watch Children During Yard Work

Kids tend to be fascinated by yard work routines, but it can be dangerous for them to be outside while someone is mowing or trimming the trees. Lawn mowers can spin rocks and other debris at high speeds, and your child should be protected from dangers such as a falling branch. Always take your child inside to do other activities while someone works on the lawn.

Lawns take on new meaning when they become a place for you to watch your child grow and explore, and keeping yours maintained ensures that you always have lush, green grass on which to host a picnic or practice tossing a ball. By adding your lawn to the kid-proofing plans, you can ensure that you only have happy times when you are playing outside as a family.

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