2 Tips To Help You Grow A Healthy Lawn

Posted on: 17 October 2017


There is more to keeping a healthy and lush lawn than just mowing it weekly and watering it every few days. Keeping a healthy lawn requires you to provide nutrients, boost a healthy root growth, and provide the right watering schedule depending on your climate. Here are two lawn care tips to help you get started.

Remove Weeds

Any weeds that grow within your lawn, including crab grass and other types of invasive grasses, can take nutrients from the soil that would otherwise go to feed your lawn. Weeds also take a portion of the water you provide your lawn, so weeds are stealing from your lawn while they make it unattractive in appearance. For this reason, it is a good idea to pull any weeds from your lawn.

You can use several different methods to remove weeds, such as pulling them by hand or using chemicals, such as a week-and-feed. If you choose to pull them by hand, complete this task a few hours after your have watered your lawn or your lawn has received a good rain. This makes the weed's entire root easily pull from the soil. You can also use a weed killer that kills only broad-leafed plants or a weed killer than kills all vegetation, but be sure you don't accidentally overspray it onto your law because it will kill it.

Provide Water

Your lawn needs a certain amount of water each week, which can increase during very hot and dry weather. It is recommended to water your lawn one to one and one-half inches of water each week to stay lush and green, and it is better if you water this amount in longer durations. For example, if your sprinklers water one inch per hour, you could water your lawn twice a week for 45 minutes to water a total of one and one-half inches.

If you are not sure how much water your sprinklers apply to your lawn, place an empty tuna can on your lawn while the sprinklers are running. Check and measure the water in the tuna can every ten or so minutes. Once the water level has reached an inch and one-half, that is the time frame your sprinklers take to apply the amount of water your lawn needs each week.

Watering your lawn in this manner helps your lawn grow roots that are deeper and healthier. If you water your lawn, for example, ten minutes each day, your lawn's roots will grow shallow and your lawn will be unhealthy and more at risk of disease.