A Few Tips For Managing Snow And Ice On Your Property

Posted on: 30 August 2017


Snow may be beautiful to look at, but it is a pain to deal with when it accumulates on your property. Shoveling snow can be dangerous if you're not in good physical shape. If you don't have a plow for your mower or a blower, then you could easily get snowed in. The solution is to hire a snow removal service. You can have the work done once after an unusually large snow or you can sign up for regular service that keeps your driveway and walkways clear all winter long. Here are a few tips for dealing with snow on your property.

Add Some Traction

A snow removal service clears piles of snow off of your walkways, but it doesn't keep them from being slippery. As snow melts during the day and then freezes at night, ice builds over the concrete. You can keep your walkways safer by spreading kitty litter or sand over the surface for traction. Kitty litter can also be used as traction for your car if the wheels spin on ice or if the car is stuck in deep snow.

Put Down Some Rock Salt

Once snow has been removed, you can keep your driveway and walkways from freezing over when they're wet with melted snow by using rock salt. Rock salt lowers the temperature at which water freezes, so it prevents ice from forming and it can also help thaw it once it has formed.

Clear Your Roof

Don't forget about the snow on your roof. Snow that's wet and heavy could cause your roof to collapse. You may be able to coax the snow from your roof with a rake or broom, but take care that snow doesn't fall on your or that you don't knock ice off on yourself. If snow is stuck on your roof, it's a good idea to hire a service to clear it off. Snow removal is much less expensive than paying for roof repairs due to a collapse from the weight of snow.

Prepare For A Big Snow

If you know a snow storm is coming, you should prepare ahead of time as best possible. Stock up on sand and salt if you intend to use it. Also, consider parking towards the end of your driveway if your driveway is long so you'll have an easier time getting on the road. Even if you have a service contract with a snow removal company, the snow won't be cleared away instantly. You may need to have plans in place for getting to work the morning after a big snow until your driveway and walkways can be cleared.