Rock Garden Ideas To Incorporate In Your Yard

Posted on: 24 August 2017


Landscape rock can add beauty and texture to your yard. There are a number of different types of landscape rock to choose from, which means you can do a number of different things with it to make your yard stand out from the rest. See below for rock garden ideas you can incorporate into your yard.

Rock Border

Use larger boulders to create a border around your garden, rather than using concrete blocks, timber or plastic borders. Boulders provide a nice natural look, while also adding texture to an otherwise boring garden. Lay out the boulders surrounding your garden, then fill in the rest of the garden using mulch, or fill it with gravel or river rock if you want to add more rock to the garden.

Layered Border

Create a layered border around your yard using medium sized boulders in the front, then layer larger flat rocks behind those boulders so they sit a bit higher than the boulders. Behind the flat rocks, add plants or flowers. You'll need a couple feet of space in order to accomplish this layered look.

Corner Rock Garden

Create a quite space in the corner of your yard, or even in the center of the yard. Remove the grass in the area you want your garden, then lay down a weed barrier. Fill in the space with rock and add a bench or a comfortable chair to give you a quiet place to read. Add a few small plants and a statue to give the space some color, texture and character.

Downspout Waterfall

Add flat rocks around the space below your downspout to allow rain water to fall down the rocks in a beautiful way, while also allowing the water to run away from your home. Use pea gravel around the base of the waterfall to help move the water.

Dry Creek Bed

Create a dry creek bed with larger boulders, medium-sized rock and gravel mixed together in a low-lying area of your yard to allow for water to flow, rather than leaving a muddy mess in your yard. Be sure to use a weed barrier in this area to prevent weeds from growing through.  

You can do a lot in your yard with landscape rock. Be sure to use a weed barrier to prevent weeds from invading your rock garden, and incorporate different sized rock for added texture, color and appeal. Check your local landscape rock company for different types of rock for your yard.