Spring Has Sprung -- 4 Quick Ways To Make Your Yard Come To Life

Posted on: 24 May 2017


Do you feel like you have a dull, lifeless yard? Even as you work to keep it looking nice, the yard can sometimes become boring and stale. And with spring in full bloom, you want a yard that makes you feel alive. 

Fortunately, there are some quick ways to remedy the situation. Here are 4 easy options.

Add Container Color. Pick out a brightly-colored container and fill it with colorful flowers. Containers are easier -- and cheaper -- to plant than a full garden bed and can be moved to where they're needed most. Pansies are a hardy annual that is filled with bright colors and easy to maintain for even the most novice gardener. Fuschia looks great as part of a hanging basket and is found even in the coldest of regions in the U.S. Add them to verbena or million bells for a hanging rainbow right in your yard. 

Brighten Up the Patio. Adding some color to your patio is an inexpensive way to catch visitors' eyes. Look for bold pops of color, such as bright throw pillows or cushions on outdoor furniture. An eclectic mosaic table is another great focal point. 

Install a Water Feature. Water is life, they say, and it often makes people relaxed and happier. You can add something as simple as an electric fountain bubbling near the patio or entertainment space. Or, if you have a larger yard, why not opt for a full fountain that fills the yard with the sound of cascading water? Building a small pond can be a one-weekend project you can do yourself if you have a little more time. Whatever type of water feature you like, it will add to the vibrancy of your space. 

Go Tropical. Tropical plants look lush and dark green, often with bold and colorful flowers. Use this impression to your advantage by adding plants that look tropical even if they aren't. Try large-leafed banana plants and elephant ear for a quick pick-me-up in the yard. Add tropical flowers like canna and angel's trumpet, then winter them indoors. Finalize the tropical feeling with a few accessories like tiki torches and an outdoor fire pit.

No matter what your outdoor style or gardening skill, you can find a great way to spruce up your yard quickly. If you want to do more, talk with a landscaping service with experience in your area, like Young's Yard Service LTD, about ways to add life and vibrancy to your boring yard.