Unique Ideas For Outdoor Water Features

Posted on: 24 April 2017


A water feature can add so much interest and beauty to your landscape. Unlike adding trees and grass, adding water brings movement, automatically taking your whole outdoor design to the next level. Here are some unique ideas for implementing a water feature into your landscape.

Bubbling Boulders

If you don't have the cash or space for a large fountain, consider adding a bubbling boulder. These boulders are solid rick, but they have a hole drilled through the center that allows a pump to send water through the boulder. The water spills over the top, flowing down the surface of the boulder. A reservoir beneath the boulder holds the pump and catches the water to send it back through the hole. 

You can get creative with bubbling boulders. For example, you could put your house number on your bubbler, so it becomes a front yard focal piece. 

The Spilling Bowl

Instead of building a pond in your yard, you can have a similar effect to a pond by using a bowl-like structure that sits about ground. A pump pours water into the bowl. and it either spills over the sides or it flows out of a spout into a smaller bowl or pile of rocks that sits about the hidden reservoir. 

This is a great option for those who like the serenity of a pool but do not care as much for the maintenance. If the water flow is slow and controlled enough, you can even add plants to a spilling bowl. For those who don't want plants, floating lights are another gorgeous option.

Fire and Water

A trendy new way to bring life to your landscape blends the opposites together. Many new fountains also double as an outdoor fire feature. The flames and the water work together to create a stunning visual effect. These are best for backyard gather spaces, near a deck or patio. 

The Portable Pond

Digging out a pond and investing in a liner can be too much of a challenge for some homeowners. However, if you still want an actual pond, you can think outside the box. For example, why not try using a canoe or boat as a pond shell? To add whimsy, bring some small goldfish to your canoe pond in the summer, and don't be afraid to plant some water lilies and water lettuce for best effect.

If you're more a traditionalist, you can even make a perfectly round, small pond by using a tire and fluid pond liner. Surround the edge with rocks and plants to bring more life to the pond design. 

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