Storm Watch -- 3 Ways To Prepare Your Yard For Hurricane Season

Posted on: 12 April 2017


If you live in an area that suffers from hurricanes and tropical storms, you know that a little effort to prepare yourself and your property can mean a world of difference later on. So, how can you help ensure that your yard can weather a severe event? Here are 3 ways to protect any yard.

Assess the Trees. Some of the most hazardous features in any yard are the trees that surround the house. Before the storm season begins, it's a good idea to have the trees examined by a professional landscape service with experience in tree pruning and tree removal. Trees that are dead, diseased, or dying should be removed as soon as possible so they don't break or fall when hit by high winds. Similarly, trees that may be too close the home itself can cause a risk of damaging the house if they fall. Re-stake small trees for the season. And, finally, have the trees properly pruned to remove dead or broken branches and anything that's hanging too close to power lines or occupied areas. For more information, contact companies like Arborcare Tree Service.

Clean Up Loose Ends. Look around the yard for any loose objects and debris that could fly away and cause damage or injury. Some debris will be obvious, such as toys, furniture, and yard tools. But you may want to test how well tied down other things -- like swing sets, plant containers, doghouses, and garden art -- are in the event of high winds. Find a spot for most or all of the miscellaneous denizens of your yard inside the garage, shed, or house. If you can't get it all out of the wind, consider tying some things down with straps and moving other items close the sheltered side of the house.

Clear the Garden. Have an evacuation plan for your garden that can be implemented before a storm arrives. You should harvest all fruits and vegetables possible, since they will likely either be destroyed by winds or damaged by water. One easy way to be ready to save your garden is to make it somewhat mobile by using containers to garden. Take the time now, too, to research online for ways to ripen fruits and veggies in your garden (like tomatoes) off the vine if the need arises. Plants inside the water of any ponds should be placed below the water line until a storm passes, and electrical filtration equipment should be turned off.

By making your yard safer and planning what to do in case of a hurricane, you can help ensure a yard that's still healthy and a family that's still safe when the storm passes.