Reasons To Pick A Residential Mowing Service Over Having Your Kids Do The Job

Posted on: 14 March 2017


Many parents of adolescents look forward to their kids being old enough to help with chores around the house and yard, and mowing the lawn is often a task that fits into this category. If you're fed up with mowing the lawn yourself and your children are finally of age to do the work, you might be eager to teach them the ropes and have them get busy. However, it's also worthwhile to consider the alternative of hiring a residential mowing service for this job. While it's true that you won't get the work done for free, there are a number of reasons why making this choice is preferable. Here are some reasons.

The Job Will Be Better

There's little doubt that a professional mower will do a better job of mowing your lawn than your teenager. When a teen handles the job, there may be a tuft of grass left between lawnmower passes, for example, which will give you a finished product that is less than desirable. With a professional on the job, you'll not only get an even job, but the moving service crew member will also make adjustments to the mower to ensure that your lawn looks its best. For example, if you're in a drought, the pro will set the mower to a higher setting to avoid cutting too much off the grass, which could cause it to die.

There's Less Risk

While the risk of injury is always a concern when your teen mows your lawn, there are other risk factors involved. A distracted teen can easily run over a rock with the lawnmower, potentially damaging the blade or potentially throwing the rock into your vehicle parked in the driveway. Being distracted or otherwise failing to focus on the job can also cause a teen to run the edge of the mower into the trunks of your trees, which can damage them. When you hire a professional, you know that the job will be done without harming the surrounding environment.

You Can Rely On Regular Service

If your teenager is busy with school, a part-time job, and extracurricular activities, he or she may be away from home so much that it's difficult to find time to mow the lawn. This may either mean that the job doesn't get done, or that you find yourself doing it again. By hiring a professional mowing service like The Cutting Edge Lawn and Landscaping LLC, you can schedule someone to arrive regularly, so you'll never worry about the job not being done.